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Our Secret


How does 3pl Worx achieve gains of 30-60% in productivity over other third party managed labor services? We merge technology with employee incentives.

Individual pay

When employees are paid based on individual performance they work harder and faster.
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Team pay

3pl worx individual pay

However there are many jobs that require teamwork. If one team member is working slower than the rest he still gets paid the same amount as the others. The other team members loose motivation to work quickly because their pay is the same as the slowest worker.

3pl worx individual incentive pay

Another problem with team pay is that it is difficult to add a worker to the team during an assignment. Most often a worker who has just finished up an assignment cannot join the job because of the team pay structure. The assignment takes longer and a capable worker sits idle. This is NOT productive.

3pl worx individual pay

Our secret:

We merge technology with employee incentives. To motivate our staff we pay them using an individual incentive-pay while they work as a team. How? By using LumperLink software by InBound Technologies. With the use of LumperLink software, we have key management tools that tracks load progress from start to finish. It enable us to assign jobs to multiple unloaders while prorating the pay according to the time invested. This is the best of both worlds! It results in:

  • faster turnaround times
  • our team members are consistently more productive
  • our workers take home better paychecks
  • AND it lowers prices for our customers

The 3PL Worx staff gets paid for their individual performance yet they still operate as a team. This results in decreased turnover. Over time this leads to a more experienced crew, only further increasing the effectiveness of the entire team.

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